Elizabeth makes everything so easy. She has an unbelievable eye, amazing taste, and a big heart. She gets to know her clients and create something that is a beautiful expression of them, not of her. She runs into New York City and returns with 20 different fabulous choices, any of which is spectacular. She made our home in New Jersey so special, and we are just beginning another decorating project with her at our new home in Pennsylvania. So looking forward to the results!

– Sue and Doug M.

Elizabeth Guest is a smart, creative professional who is sensitive to the team dynamics involved in "design by committee". She worked easily within the parameters of our limited budget and provided a high quality, practical and beautiful result for a key public area of the Silver Bay YMCA's historic Inn building.
- Kimberly P. Campaign Director, Silver Bay YMCA

A specific talent is Elizabeth's experience and knowledge in the world of art. We acquired a lot of pieces, some that I wanted and others that she sought out and I agreed to. Throughout all of this she saved me a lot of money. Many of these things would have never come across my radar. Elizabeth is a superb shopper, she is familiar with so many shops, manufacturers, custom-makers, craftsman, exhibitions, shows, etc. She remembers details, is ever-so-careful about measuring things and especially the best arrangement of furniture. Most of all she looks at the total picture.

– Paul H,

Stylish dining area with six-sitter table and printed curtain

Wooden cabinet with painting and books

‘I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth on a traditional display cabinet for one of her customers. She supplied a very nice set of drawings and knew exactly what she and her client wanted, which made it easier for me. I've worked with many interior designers over the years and find that the most knowledgeable designers are the best to work with, Elizabeth rates among the best. She has an understanding of design and the elements that make a project successful. 

– Birdie Miller Designs

Working with Liza was wonderful! She redecorated our living room and was able to create an entirely new, fresh look with many of our existing pieces. Along with a couple of newly upholstered chairs, Liza's guidance on new paint, rugs and a more open layout, turned a stuffy, unused room into a warm, inviting space. Because Liza was able to work with so many of our original pieces, we were able to splurge on some really fabulous fabrics and still stay well within budget. Liza coordinated all of the details, down to arranging the art on the walls. In fact, I think her eye for art may be her greatest strength and our collection now looks both more cohesive and more interesting. A true pleasure!

– Lisa & Jim D.

Wooden style living room with leather sofa and stylish center table

I had the pleasure to work with Liza on a project I designed in Lake George. She was the designer and I was the architect. She had an excellent grasp of the rustic environment for the home. She knew exactly what she wanted and how to make it happen. I especially liked her creativeness including designing a room using themes from the far east. The room fit so well in the final design of the home. Her use of colors is exceptional. She is not afraid to add splashes of color to liven up a space. Her attention to detail was excellent throughout the project providing a keen eye and understanding of the ultimate goal desired by the client. Her use of fabric and texture helped continue the rustic theme of the house from the outside and bringing it indoors. I would recommend her to any of my clients in the future. She was a joy to work with.

- Adirondack Design Architecture

Elizabeth helped me with a redo for our kitchen and breakfast room. I was looking for something that would look well with our traditional house but that also could work well with a contemporary decor. She understood what appealed to me and applied her expertise and design aesthetic to make selections that both met my needs and were well-suited to the space. Her sources were excellent, and she spent a great deal of time with me to ensure that our goal was accomplished. Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with--always enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile to find the ideal solution.

– Joyce N.

Glass dining table for four