The design consultation is the first step toward a full service interior design project, as well as for those who simply would like two hours of professional design advice.  This meeting is all about exploring how you want to live and feel in your space.  Once I understand your lifestyle, needs, wishes, and budget, I can propose ideas and solutions.  We cover all topics relevant to your unique concerns:  space planning, furniture placement, styles and aesthetics, window treatments, paint colors, lighting, art, rugs, finishes, and more.   After this consultation, you will have a clear idea of what your complete full service interior design project would entail, and I will provide you with a summary of the consultation and actionable recommendations.

Fee - $550  (a travel fee is applicable for some locations)


My full service design process means just that – I take your ideas and wishes, and turn them into the reality of a completed home, or select rooms. I will take you through every step of this bespoke process, handling every detail for you – space planning with design layouts and architectural elevations, presentation of design plans with colors, materials and fabrics, furniture selection and design, window treatment solutions, custom millwork and cabinetry, lighting, art, accessory selection, and more. Throughout the project I coordinate with trusted craftsmen and contractors and resolve any issues that arise while keeping you updated and informed, as well as acquiring samples, confirming price and availability of items, ordering, tracking and receiving all pieces prior to installation. Supervision and oversight of each item is meticulously adhered to, along with the coordination of final delivery and installation.


Do you have your own ideas and vision, but aren’t quite sure how to implement them? I know what’s out there and can help you pull together your dream look in the most cost effective and efficient way. I’ll help you make the right choices for your space (usually one room that you want to furnish and finish completely) and guide you through the right shopping selections and decisions. This is a flexible service. Whatever your needs, you’ve got me for the day! The process begins with a meeting in your home to discuss your goals and to create a game plan. Here are some things this service is perfect for:

  • Guidance on a particular area of your home

  • Visiting stores together to shop for furnishings

  • Selecting new furniture and accessories online

  • Browsing and selecting from my "trade only" catalogues and vendors

  • Planning furniture layout

  • Picking paint colors

After the day(s), you will receive a typed action plan, which you can use to execute the procurement and installation on your own budget and your own timeline.



Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic area do you serve?

I'm able to work with clients anywhere. Many of my clients are based in the New York City metropolitan area, as well as the New York State Adirondacks and Eastern Pennsylvania. Recent projects have been in Bethlehem, PA, Hunterdon County, NJ, and work in New Jersey towns including Summit, Tewkesbury, Bedminster, Gladstone, and Westfield.

How does the process of working with an interior designer begin?

The first step is to have an “information exchange” consultation - a meeting to discuss all aspects of the project:: client plans, likes, dislikes, existing furniture or art to be used, etc. As much information as possible is exchanged on how the clients use a space, their lifestyle, what they’d like to add or change to the space, what some of the elements they would like to see incorporated, favored styles and colors, any special considerations, etc. 

How do you begin decorating a room?

I always begin with a lay-out of the plan for the room. All of the proposed furniture and items to be specified for the space are outlined – a “road map” of the design. . This is essential so that if decorating over time, no mistakes will be made such as buying something that won’t fit or work with the other planned furniture in the room. This is one of the many important cost-saving benefits in using a designer.

How long does it take? 

The timing is completely up to the client’s needs and budgeting schedule. All of the items can be planned and specified on paper, and then acquired as is comfortable. Or everything can be specified and purchased within a relatively short time, several months or so. 

What are the various elements specified when designing a room?

Furniture – both antique, new, upholstered or case goods; carpeting or rugs, lamps, wall treatments, window treatments, lighting, accessories, art work, paint colors, trims, artwork, hardware, millwork, cabinetry, faux finish painting, murals, etc. Essentially, anything and everything that can be found in an interior!

How can I use antiques in a new interior?    

It is the unique piece or antique that makes an interior special and truly individual. Although the exact item may not be specified until found, it can be drawn into a plan with the outline of dimensions and size as a guide, this way planning it into the overall design. The “ah-ha!” moment of finding that perfect piece will inevitably happen! 

Are there any rules of decorating?

The only rule is that there are no rules: having said that, I enjoy a balance and symmetry, incorporating art, comfortable and accessible use of all furniture, with the unusual and eclectic item in each room adding interest and a sense of surprise for the eye and mind.

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