Elizabeth Guest

Elizabeth Guest, principal designer of Elizabeth Guest Interiors LLC


In her design practice, Elizabeth has worked with a wide variety of clients, including CEOs, business owners, finance executives and more – each with their own very distinct point of view.  These busy professionals know what they like, but lack the time and expertise to make that a reality.   They value and appreciate quality, luxury, timeless design and the use of distinct and unique art, antiques and hand-crafted pieces in their homes.

From comfortable family homes with children and pets, to a modern “bachelor pad”, to a historical hotel lobby, as well as an upscale private boutique in New York City and much more, Elizabeth has responded to the personal wishes and needs of each client.  No two jobs are the same, and her experience and resources in the art and design world, as well as her focus on listening to and guiding her clients, have made her a highly appreciated designer. 

Elizabeth Guest Interiors, LLC, founded in 1996, believes in a close collaboration with discerning clients, dedicated to expressing a unique sense of comfort, style and beauty.  Through careful attention and gentle guidance, Elizabeth crafts each project into a timeless, custom-designed environment.  She also advises and assists clients in procuring and displaying their evolving art and antique collections, tailored to the personal vision of each client and developed over time. 

Her goal is to transform her client’s vision into elegantly comfortable, sophisticated and livable interiors while remaining within established budgets. With personalized service, meticulous attention to detail, and an expert handling of color, texture and form, the aim is to always exceed her client’s expectations. 

Elizabeth’s international background and extensive world-wide travels have allowed her to absorb a rich mix of historical and global influences with regard to design, art and antiques.  An earlier career with Sotheby’s New York auction house, as well as post-graduate study at the New York School of Interior Design, honed her design talents and provided access to exceptional resources.  Her worldly design perspective is complemented by a love for nature, animals and the outdoors, finding expression in a “green”, textured and natural aesthetic.  The results are comfortable interiors of refinement and quality that endure for years.

A great influence on Elizabeth has been her mother-in-law and revered social icon, C.Z. Guest, with whom she shared a very close and positive relationship.  An intimate familiarity of over 20 years exposed Elizabeth to C.Z.’s inclination to chic and classic yet functional interiors, incorporating antiques and art with gracious ease.  Elizabeth reflects this approach in all of her various projects, creating beautifully layered interiors with a fresh, modern livability.

When not busy with her design practice, Elizabeth enjoys keeping up with her three sons, social dancing, and continuing a lifetime’s passion for equestrian pursuits and the outdoors.


Elizabeth Guest in pink dress with big painting behind


I have never felt like I belong to any one particular place – and in many ways, this has served me well. It created just the right mix for the basis of my passion in Interior Design.

Growing up, I remember our house full of the easy mingling of many languages.  My mind's eye recalls scenes from childhood, driving in the family car through Europe - along the Croatian coastline with it’s silvery pebble beaches and clear aqua water, or winding along green country roads in France, Austria, and other European countries.

I remember vibrant, colorful dinners during  holidays and family occasions – tables decorated with beautiful settings and an array of fresh, traditional foods, and of course, vodka.  To me, all this variety in food, sounds and sights felt comforting and natural, cementing  strong ties to family history and an international outlook.

Juxtaposed with that, I also recall idyllic American summers spent each year in the northern Adirondack mountains, where our rustic cottage was tucked in the pine trees, above a crystal clear lake.  Days and nights spent outside with family and friends next to campfires roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, bonded me forever to nature and the beauty of that bygone, simple, outdoor life.

Over the years, my travels have taken me to so many places: throughout all of Europe, Russia, England, South America, Argentina, Morocco, New Zealand, and more, where I am always drawn to each country’s rich architectural and artistic history.  Travel and my personal history have taught me so much.  You could say I’ve always had one eye looking east, and one looking west, blending an appreciation for both into one vision.

I believe in decency, integrity and cultural history.  I depend on nature and animals for the endless inspiration they provide.  I believe in laughter, family and long friendships.   I believe in quality, and not taking shortcuts.
I believe in not overlooking the small things that bring us happiness.  In my work, I strive to create interiors that are havens for family traditions, for individual histories, for comfort and ease, for a true sense of hearth and home that become each client’s unique and special place.  When your home - the foundation of your life - is the best it can be, everything else flows from there. 


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